How Britain Became Known as Vilayat, from Arabic: wilāyat "An Islamic State"

The Arabic word "wilayat" is the shariah term meaning legal jurisdiction of the Emir, Muslim leader Word   Origin from   Arabic   wilāyat   country, from   waliya   he   rules,  from   Hindi   bilāyatī   foreign   land,   England,   noun, plural blighties.  British Slang. (often initial capital letter) England as one's native land; England as home: We're sailing for old Blighty tomorrow. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition Variations include, Vilayati, Wilaeti measure of distance in early English settlements in india. [Cyclic Tables of Hindu and Mahomedan Chronology, Regarding the History of the Telugu and Kannadi Countries to which are Added the Genealogies of Particular Hindu Families, with Essays on Various Matters of Enquiry,   Charles Philip Brown,  Asian Educational Services, 1850[ Vilayati and its derivatives survive in many languages as independent words or prefixes and post fixes. These include wor